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Once you have the sword, head back to Jutta and give her the sword.After giving the sword to her, you can then challenge her to a sword fight.what is forbidden is not just "actual sex" - even seeing the private parts of each other is forbidden...Classing these as minor or major sins is not easily possible...The bullet, which passed through her skull and became embedded in her shoulder, was a punishment for the blog that she began writing as an 11-year-old to highlight the repression of women in her region.

Do touching and kissing, spending time with a girl, etc, count as major as they may directly lead to a major sin? Does anyone know of any references in the Qur'an that refer to such acts, as I am struggling to find any, or indeed the hadith?Homeland needs to color Carrie with those shades of grey early, presumably so that she can find her way back to humanity later, after doing whatever it takes to stop the still-unknown terrorist plot.So far this season we’ve seen her celebrate drone strikes (and not object to the nickname “drone queen”), contemplate drowning her baby (maybe), and now have sex with a kid who she’s also lying to about who she is and what she can do to save his very endangered life. ” the show is practically yelling at us, while also having Fara and Quinn, for some odd reason, as moral barometers, asking Carrie, incredulously, whether she’s going to keep her promise to get Aayan to London.BUT: in Quran it is stated that sins committed with intent and knowingly that this is a sin (which is the case in your scenarios) are much bigger than sins committed without intent...which means: it is improbable that they count as minor sins... And, as I said in the post I know "sin is sin" and I am certainly not looking for loopholes to sin or anything, I was just curious as my friends and I were questioning this area and how some Mulsims (incorrectly I believe) attempt to justify certain relationships as being OK as long as they don't have sex, assuming that Allah will just forgive them.