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Whether hunting for a partner or seeking a one-night stand, dating apps and websites are where young people turn when they’re on the prowl.To learn more about what’s happening at the intersection of love and technology, MTV Knowing Youth asked over 400 internet users ages 14 to 29 in Germany about their dating experiences, habits, information sources and attitudes on partnership.In a short time, they find out that they're waiting for the same guy - young actor Blake, who said ...See full summary » Lawyer Rick Magruder has a one-night-stand affair with caterer Mallory Doss.This sentiment is even stronger among those who are coupled—9 out of 10 believe in the importance of relationships.Among all young people, the key elements of relationships are love, trust and fidelity.Together they all muddle through their various relationships in a comedy from Zander Lehmann that is executive produced by Jason Reitman (“Juno,” “Up in the Air”), who also directed the first couple of episodes.Watkins’ nuanced and believable performance, though, is what makes “Casual” work, and is worth seeking out.

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See full summary » Friends for ten years, a group of twenty-somethings head for the ski slopes as guests of Ian's father.Not surprisingly, those who are married are also least likely to have had a one-night stand, with 56% saying they had never.On the other hand, only 41% of divorcees have not had one-night stands, compared to 50% of singles who have never been married.Olympic athlete and heartthrob Ryan Lochte has been quoted saying he’s never had a one-night stand (even while people were hot and heavy on Tinder in Olympic Village). Most Americans – 53% - claim they’ve never had a one-night stand.A new study by Dating Advice found that while most Americans haven’t participated in this type of casual sexual encounter, men were more likely to have participated than women.