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It is, therefore, critical to identify the symptoms of a manipulative boss as early as possible and deal with them.

Some of their tactics may include shifting blame, telling half-truths and little lies, causing unjustified alarms, and blowing things out of proportion unnecessarily.

The thing is, I report to someone who yells when he’s under pressure (which is most of the time).

He’s not being abusive or insulting, he’s just extremely emotional and loud. I can’t concentrate well enough to answer intelligently when someone is hollering at me.

Some managers intimidate those around them with their domineering attitudes.

How people are perceived often depends on stereotypes people have about women, according to 2013 research by Dr.

There are good bosses and bad bosses, and too many of us get stuck with the latter.

And while it can be tough going to work for a difficult manager, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

But it’s not your job to be his therapist” -- so, if you’re ever tempted to go there, don’t.

Instead, Cohen recommends you try one or more of these tactics:1. “Sitting there with a poker face or a quizzical expression, in absolute silence, is sometimes a good way to communicate that what someone just said -- or, in this case, how loudly he said it -- is offensive to you,” Cohen notes.