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Like a “get me on a plane because I want to move back to Germany ASAP” kind of missing it. Germans think it is ridiculous how much Americans sue.

I realized that even though I left Germany 6 months ago, there are still so many posts on Germany I haven’t published. In Germany, they have up to 3 different Santa Claus figures! To go along with #2, Christmas is celebrated on the night of the 24th in Germany. On New Year’s, they shoot off fireworks to celebrate the new year. If you do, you will either be hit by a bike or very sternly yelled at by a German (which is honestly very frightening! I think I’ve mentioned this before but German men dress so much better than American men. We sue (or threaten to sue) substantially more than Germans. I’ve corrected a lot of papers for Germans writing in English…and they all make the same grammatical mistakes: super long sentences, wrong preposition usage, and lots of transitional words.

In less than two months I have managed to form a very clear picture of what I’m dealing with here aided by other single girl’s impressions of the dating scene and some interesting first-hand experiences. There is no shortage of attractive males My first impression of Berlin men is that they’re a good-looking bunch on the whole.

Hello TSR, I've not OP-ed for a long time, so bear with me.

I'm a British born black woman living in London, have quite a lot of experience with dating white British men, been out with a British Indian, Nepalese guy and also dated a Polish film student for a while.

I mean you just have to look at the World Champion football team to see what I mean.

Any woman with functioning lady parts should agree that Neuer is a classic, Aryan beauty (if you’re into that kinda thing). But there are also other varieties of the male species worth checking out here.