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I have never had Crème Brûlée and certainly never made it before so I was a little excited and a little intimidated by such a fancy dessert. Dorie's directions call for this to be baked at 200'F for 50-60 minutes on a baking tray.

Set it on low and slowly drizzled in the heated milk.

Dorie gave suggestions on using white sugar or brown sugar for the brûlée, so I made one with each. The ice had melted well before they started bubbling. The kids enjoyed it though.*Update: I just made another 2 with brown sugar (I think I prefer it), put them in an 8x8 metal pan full of ice, and they broiled up much quicker. My Husband and I sat out on the front porch this evening eating them, alone, without the kids. (You still have to agree to the rules, etc..) After October 31, we will no longer accept new members.

The brown sugar one was done before the white sugar one. I think using a torch would help keep the custard together, and not turn it soupy, like all the heat in the oven turns does.

My goals in keeping this spirited corner of the Internet alive and running is to provide health and fitness tips, along with my every day musings on fashion, travel, and fun.

I often receive personal questions via email or the comments section.

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Well, race coordinator Doug Desgrange was so enthusiastic that he not only said I could still participate, he comped my race entry fee and made me promise to stick around after the race! As seems to be an ongoing theme in this blog, I've been having trouble motivating myself, lately.

I love hearing from y’all, so thank you for taking the time to write me!

The most popular questions I receive is on my dance background, half marathon training, blogging, and beauty tips. Frequently Asked Questions • how long have you been dancing?

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